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Because we tailor the boxes to suit our customer's needs, it's impossible to create a generic box for each month. However, this is a box which was sent out to quite a few of our customers this month. It included:

Lily’s Kitchen Breakfast Crunch with chicken and Turkey. This is made with 100% fresh meat, contains Omega-3 and 6, prebiotic yoghurt and botanical herbs.

Lily’s Kitchen Fish Skin dog chews. Again, these are 100% natural and made from Icelandic catfish. They help to maintain a shiny coat, contain omega-3 and are great for helping to clean your dog’s teeth.

Barkers Brew. An all natural, complementary pet food for dogs. This delicious meaty ‘jus’ has been specially formulated to be added to either dried food or to water for incredible taste. It’s a great pick me up and appetiser for a dog off it’s food. It contains vitamin E for immune system support and to maintain healthy, supple skin.

Gor Pets cuddle soft octopus. This cuddly soft toy squeaks and crinkles and makes an ideal toy to snuggle up in bed with. It’s strong but not indestructible. For customers who specified more durable toys to be sent, a 'Tuffy' boomerang was included instead.

Farm Foods Antler. These natural chews are made from discarded antlers at the end of the rutting season. They make a fantastic chew for dogs, are nutritious, calcium rich and the abrasive action helps to clean the teeth.


So - What’s in our Easter Themed Box 

(Products may vary for customers who have chosen to tailor their boxes)

We managed to find some really interesting items for our Easter boxes and as we’ve never come across healthy Easter Eggs for dogs before we got really eggcited. These eggs are not only gorgeous but are top quality and a great source of vitamins and minerals. We LOVED them so much and our own dogs went crazy for them. We feel that as an extra luxurious treat they warrant inclusion in the box despite their high cost. We are very lucky to be able to supply these eggs to our customers as the supplies from the manufacturer have now sold out.
So, firstly....

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