The best dog gift for your dog, puppy, or cat at Christmas.  But which foods are poisonous and toxic and how to avoid feeding them to your pet by using woof box for your best pet gift box.
Christmas is the time when we see lots of people calling around and dropping off many delicious treats wrapped in interesting paper. It’s a time for all sorts of fun for our dog to get into, beware of new foods, unusual plants shiny decorations and  wrapped Christmas presents containing yummy things.  But be careful these could be harmful to your furry friend if eaten.
For your dog Christmas is a time of the year when lots of lovely and exciting things are brought into your home, making it a very tempting time. Far too many treats, unusual plants and trees, decorations and Christmas presents will all be a great distraction to your dog, but some of these things may be toxic or harmful if eaten.
Try to be very careful at this time of year as Christmas foods will be plentiful and some human foods might be very dangerous to dogs, puppy’s and cats.  Top of the list of foods for your pet to avoid is chocolate which contains a chemical called theobromine this is poisonous to dogs, cats, rodents and rabbits. If you wish to give chocolate to your dog please ensure it is dog friendly chocolate and woof box includes a delicious gluten free dog friendly chocolate advent calendar. These advent calendars have proved really popular particularly in families with children, rather than sharing human chocolate the dog friendly version can be opened and shared at the same time.
Grapes, raisins, currants and sultanas are all toxic to dogs and it is believed the dried forms of these fruits are more toxic than grapes.  It is not known why these fruits are toxic to dogs, or how much quantity is poisonous.  Some dogs have eaten large quantities of these fruit and had no effects, while others have become unwell after very small amounts.  Try to keep the Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, fruit cake, mince pies and especially chocolate covered raisins in a safe place out of  reach from your dog. At this time of year, it is important all foods that contain these fruits be kept away from your dog.
Be very careful with cooked bones they become brittle and can easily splinter there are so many leftovers at Christmas.  Larger pieces can become stuck smaller pieces may irritate your dogs sensitive stomach and the last thing you want on boxing day is a trip to the vets. Keep meat and carcass out of reach and put temptation out of doggies way by putting scraps in a safe bin not in an easy to reach place they may be gone in when your back is turned.
Now Christmas is the season to be merry but dogs are much more sensitive than humans so be careful as some alcohol based drinks which contain cream and egg may just take their fancy.  If you would like to treat your dog to a doggy tipple woof box have teamed up with pawsecco from Rosewood Pet Products, this can included in your woof box don’t forget to drop us an email at
When preparing your Christmas day meal, keep any meat on the kitchen surface, or out of reach of your dog.  When throwing away a carcass, take it to the outside bin and avoid your dog raiding your kitchen  during the night.
Other gifts and treats not for our dogs are nuts particularly macadamia, cheese is delicious and very tempting to all our furry friends. Be extra careful with blue cheese as the fungus used to produce these cheeses is sensitive to dogs. Onions, garlic, chives, leeks and shallots all contain a substance which can be life threatening.  Don’t think because he loves sage and onion stuffing it is really good for your dog it is definitely not.  As Christmas draws to a close and you haven’t eaten all the turkey please don’t give it to your pet, greedy pets eat first then vomit later nobody wants that sort of cleanup operation on New year’s eve !!
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