Easter 2018 Woof Box with dog chocolate treats !!

So whats the big deal about dog chocolate made with carob,  and should we panic if our dog has a small amount of human chocolate, the hazard of this depends on the type of chocolate as dark chocolate contains more of a harmful component called theobromine than milk chocolate.  Humans metabolize theobromine, but dogs process it much more slowly, allowing it to build up in their system so stick to the carob version used in dog chocolate products.

A small amount of chocolate may give your dog upset stomach with vomiting or diarrhoea, large amounts and you may see muscle tremors, seizures irregular heartbeat, and possible heart attack the onset of these symptoms is severe hyperactivity.

Usual treatment or if you are really worried call your veterinarian immediately.

If your dog has a sweet tooth and you want to treat him to a dog chocolate substitute, dog friendly chocolate is made with carob it is naturally sweet and resembles the taste of chocolate but without the harmful risks, so this is why this month we have included for your sweet toothed best friend a dog friendly Easter egg in our woof box, please enjoy but don’t leave it around as it wont’b their when you comeback.

Enjoy and Happy Easter 2018 from the team at www.woof-box.co.uk

Yayyyyy this months themed dog subscription woof box’s are in the post, we have have a few little surprises in the boxes for the Easter period.

We also used a new treat producer Simpsons Air Dried products. Our dog toys for Easter have got a theme and they are a large plush dog carrot, which is a huge favourite of the woof box team and a yellow chick egg with dog squeaker, then we have used some tough dog toys for the tough chewers out their !! Oh and not forgetting a dog friendly Easter egg with dog chocolate from Hatchwells.

Woof box gift box is getting so popular its the choice for all your dog friends we have sent the dog gift box all over the world our boxes are hand picked and individual to your dogs requirements and we don’t mind if you have a fussy dog.

Take a look at this months Easter woof box the picture is a selection of all of the products which have been used not so you will recieve bespoke choices from the easter selection.

A selection from the woof box easter gift box and subscription box