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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Woof-Box?

Woof-Box is a subscription service for dogs which is filled with fun and surprises..! It is a monthly box containing 4-7 high quality, hand-picked goodies including healthy treats, chews and biscuits, toys, health supplements, hygiene and grooming products as well as some cleverly designed innovative goods. We seek out the best, most delicious, most fun and interesting products for your pooch and deliver them to your door. Woof-Box is great value for money.

With Woof-Box not only can you choose to receive a carefully selected surprise box of top quality goodies. You have the option to customise your box using our simple rating system. This system allows you to create a box of goodies which will still be a lovely surprise, but will include more items from the product categories your pooch prefers. You can opt to receive more or fewer items or even no items at all from any category.

What is inside a woof-box?

A random box will contain the majority of items from the treats, chews and biscuits categories, with the remaining items being made up from the other categories. Typically, in addition to treats, chews and biscuits, each random box will contain a toy as well as either a hygiene, grooming or innovation product. Please visit our products page for more information on the product categories we supply and details of some of our suppliers. Edible items in the box are always made from natural, healthy ingredients.

What is a customised Woof-Box and how do I customise it? 

A customised Woof-Box is also filled with 5-7 items each month, but the box is tailored to your pooch's specific tastes. To do this, simply browse our products page, choose which categories you would prefer to receive and when you check out, click the custom option to use our simple rating system. For example, you may only wish to choose more treats, biscuits and chews and fewer toys. Or you may simply wish to exclude certain categories such a grooming or hygiene products. This system means that you will always receive the best selection for your best friend. If you wish to change your mind about the selections you have made, you can log in to your account and edit the custom selections you have made at any time. Please let us know your changes before our cut off date of the 7th of the month if you wish the changes to apply that month.

Why Choose Woof-Box?

Woof-Box selects the finest quality products, searching far and wide to bring you the latest, most delicicious, exciting and innovative ideas. All treats, biscuits and snacks we supply are made from natural, healthy ingredients, and all our products are chosen with the welfare of your dog in mind. We care about your dog the same way we care about our own. Our mission is to explore all the hidden gems amongst the many products available, bringing you the finest quality and more bespoke goodies to enrich your dog's life. All the products we supply are tested by the Woof-Box team's own dogs. Our standards are very high assuring you quality at all times.. Join today, and let your dog share the fun.

Are the items safe for my dog?

The welfare of your dogs is top priority for us. All the items in the box have been researched, chosen for their high quality and have been tested on our team's own dogs before even being considered for inclusion in the Woof-Box.

How do I join?

Simply click the 'join us' page, select your dog's size,  choose the box you would prefer, random or custom, choose your subscription length, check out and then wait for the postman. It's as simple as that! To start, click here.

How do I pay?

We accept Visa debit and Mastercard, as well as Visa credit cards through our on line payment page. We cannot accept cheques or bank transfers.

How often do I pay?

It's simple. For the monthly subscription, you will be billed monthly. For the three month subscription, you will be billed every three months, and six month subscriptions will be billed every six months. All subscriptions renew automatically but can be cancelled at any time with no strings attached and no questions asked. Simply log into your account and cancel your subscription. Or alternatively, email us, tell us you wish to cancel, quote your subscription reference number and we will cancel your subscription for you.

When will I receive my Woof-Box?

We post our boxes around the 14th of each month and the boxes will be delivered approximately 4-6 days later. Our cut off date for orders is the 7th day of the month. Orders received after the 7th will be included in the following month's delivery.

Where do you deliver to? Will you deliver abroad?

We deliver to the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man free of charge. A postal charge of £7.00 will be added to European deliveries. At present, we only supply one month subscriptions to Europe. To order, simply click 'Join Us' and then follow the on screen prompts to the EU outside UK ordering page. If you are outside the EU, please contact us as we will always do our best to deliver to you but will need to quote delivery costs.

What products will I receive in the box?

If you choose the random box, we will carefully select a great range of products for your dog. If you would prefer to customise your box, simply select the custom option and follow our simple rating system. A selection from the chosen categories will be delivered to your dog every month. We have a huge range of products to choose from and our range is continuing to grow as we explore and discover new and exciting items. You can update your category ratings whenever you wish by logging into your account and amending your selections. We will do our best to accommodate your requests, so please let us know if there is anything in particular you require. We are happy to tailor boxes to suit puppies, older dogs or dogs with any special requirements.

How do I order?

Simply click here...

How do I cancel?

You can cancel whenever you like.You can cancel your own subscription by logging into your paypal account, cancel the recurring payment from your own account and receive a confirmation email any problems please email the website This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can I gift Woof-Box?

Yes, simply click here to order a gift box. Woof-Box makes a great gift and we can cater for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas etc and we can include a special message for the recipient. Just tell us what you require. Gift boxes are a one off box only and only one delivery will be made.

Can I send boxes to different addresses?

Yes, you can change the address on your account, enabling you to have your box delivered to wherever you are. The address change will need to be made before our cut-off date on the 7th day of the month to ensure delivery to the correct address for that particular month. Alternatively, email us and we will make the address change for you.

Do I need to sign for my box?

No, the box will be delivered by Royal Mail or Hermes along with your other mail.

How do I return a defective product?

Simply send it back to us and we will include an extra product in your box the next month.

My dog loves a particular product... Where can I buy it?

We can give contact details of suppliers upon request. We can also include more of your pooch's favourite products in your monthly box. Just drop us an email, let us know your wishes and we will do our very best to accommodate your request.

Any other questions?

Use the contact form by clicking here.