Christmas treats or gifts for cats and kittens, they will love a handpicked and personalised Meow box from customised cat gift box experts at woof box, even fussy felines will enjoy this Christmas present.

How many of us are thinking of a gorgeous present for our cat or kitten so that our furry friend doesn’t feel left out of the fun of giving at Christmas.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without our fur babies, so making sure they are kept safe and amused is our number one priority as a responsible pet parent.  Keep in mind our top tips to ensure that you and your pets have a fur-tastic Christmas…

What is our beautiful unique cat or kitten going to love for Christmas. Ahhhhh yes a Meow box sent to friends and family it is handpicked and a wonderful thoughtful personalised gift.

  1. What is catnip and do all cats love it ? Not all cats are affected, experts estimate about 50 to 75 percent have a reaction. The sensitivity to nepetalactone seems to be inherited.  Young kittens (under two or three months) and senior cats are less likely to react. Even large cats not our house ones like tigers and leopards can inherit sensitivity to nepetalactone.  So we usually always include some catnip in our Meow box, try it and see what happens.


  1. Active games and toys can be fun for your cat, but when you’re buying your pet a gift it’s also important to keep mental stimulation in mind. We need to get our cats up and moving, and there’s no better way to coax out their natural instincts to stalk and chase prey than by engaging them with  gorgeous cat toys from uk suppliers such as  Rosewood, cat toys to drive even the fussiest feline wild.


Some housecats—although they’re much safer inside from disease and danger—tend to be a bit underactive. Cats, like people and dogs, benefit from keeping fit and active, so when we get home, spend some time playing with some wonderful cat toys to stimulate your furry friend both mentally and physically. Exercise is essential for your cat’s mental and physical health because it relieves stress and boredom, improves circulation, builds muscle tone and can prevent or reduce behavioural problems.


  1. Ah, the scratcher — a perpetual mainstay in the world of cat toys, and an absolute essential if you’re worried about your furniture staying intact. Meanwhile, a ball toy can keep them amused for hours and physically exercised and entertained while you’re away.


  1. Edible festive treats, it is normal to add a few treats to our own diets during the holidays, and the same often goes for our pets. As long as your cat is healthy and isn’t overweight, it’s fine to give your feline the festive extra snack, just keep an eye on the use by date and make the treats last.

Cat or kitten treats often contain 300-400 calories per 100g, so a 50g bag should last you a week. For chicken or tuna, this means about 20g per day, while a one-inch square of cheddar cheese contains nearly 70 calories, so should only be given sparingly.

Finally, while the festive season can make it difficult to monitor all the foods that your cat has access to, you should always make sure products that are toxic to cats are kept out of reach. This includes chocolate and ingredients such as xylitol, onions and garlic  but hopefully they won’t be tempted.


  1. Will our furry friend want a shower, or can we just give them a good groom with a grooming tool included in your Meow box your fluffy friend will appreciate and love their grooming session. The average indoor cat may never need a bath, but if you do decide to take the plunge, most domestic kitties can enjoy a couple of baths a year, only you now your cat’s personality. Cats that have been bathed regularly since they were kittens are the most likely to tolerate being bathed as an adult cat. So you need to consider whether it is worth the stress (for you and your kitty), unless they are extremely dirty I would advise a good groom, this should help to make the experience less stressful for both of you.

Hope you enjoyed the information and helpful advice and please visit us at  we delivery happiness free in the uk to  your furry four legged friends.

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